Annual General Meeting Deferred

This is not the most exciting content for the first post to the new website but it is important.

The current health crisis has led to the Committee deciding to defer the Annual General Meeting until Saturday 24th October. This was not an easy decision. As an Incorporated Association in Victoria, our AGM needs to be conducted within five months of the end of our Financial Year (31st May) and so should be held by the end of October. Unfortunately there is still a possibility that it will need to be changed again, and if that is necessary, Consumer Affairs Victoria has a process that will be followed.
Preparation for the AGM in July was progressing well
(the date was set, there have been nominations for Committee positions received and the books are being audited). Recent changes to the Public Health Advice have made the July date uncertain, so the AGM date has been changed. All nominations already received will be held and the date for any additional nominations will be extended until Wednesday 19th August 2020.

As far as the July and August meetings are concerned, please keep yourself up to date on Victorian restrictions.